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Child Protection Guidance

Following recent advice from the Amateur Swimming Association it has been agreed that the Committee publicises their guidance for Coaches on Child Protection issues. This is so that everyone in the Club is fully aware of the Clubs policies regarding the necessary handling of divers during training by coaches. These are on top of the existing  National ASA guidelines which are explained to all coaches when they attend the Safeguarding of Children Courses.

MAC Dive Club Guidelines for Coaches

Acceptable handling of Divers in normal circumstances,

        Below the knees.

        Elbows to tips of fingers.

        Small of back with the back of coaches hand.

        Back of head.

All this must be done with the best interest of the diver at all times and following an explanation by the coach and with the divers permission.

A reasonable distance must be kept between the bodies of the coach and diver.

The touching must be brief and to prevent injury whilst the diver is in training.

In the event of an emergency Coaches must act immediately to ensure the safety of the diver even if it requires handling the diver outside of the above guidelines.